The rating of trump fell to a record low since the inauguration

The rating of trump fell to a record low since the inauguration

WASHINGTON, may 19 — RIA Novosti. The approval rating of US President Donald trump fell this week to the lowest level since the inauguration on January 20, according to a poll by Reuters/Ipsos.

If the inauguration of the trump was supported by 46% of respondents (not supported 44%), according to a survey published on Friday, now approve of the President, only 38% approve of 56.2% (5.8% of respondents have “mixed feelings”).

The study authors noted that the main reason for the downgrade was a decline in the popularity of trump among his party. If last week’s activity of the head of state did not approve 16% of Republicans, now they are 23%.

This week the President of the United States once again became the object of a massive information attack by the major media and politicians. First came the reports that trump at a meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov disclosed the secret information; then it was reported that he allegedly put pressure on the former Director of the FBI Jasma Komi Republic to investigate and “Russian ties” around the President. Trump wrote on Twitter that “no politician in history has treated so badly and unfair,” and called the campaign against him “a witch hunt”.

A poll by Reuters/Ipsos was conducted on may 14-18 in USA online among 1971, out of which 721 795 Republican and Democrats. The margin of sampling error is 3%.