The interior Ministry of Iran announced the leadership of Rouhani in the presidential election

The interior Ministry of Iran announced the leadership of Rouhani in the presidential election

After counting the 25 million ballots in the presidential election in Iran defeats incumbent President Hassan Rouhani. The turnout was 70%

The current head of Iran Hassan Rouhani wins presidential elections in the country after counting 25 million ballots. About it reports Reuters, citing Deputy interior Minister Ali Asghar Ahmadi.

According to him, Rouhani voted 14,619 million people, while for his competitor — Ebrahim Raisi — 10,125 million

The source of the Agency resulting in slightly different figures. According to him, after counting the 37 million ballots Rouhani maintains lead with 21.6 million votes. For Raisi voted 14 million people, he said. Source Reuters said that even it was estimated at about 4 million votes, without specifying how they were distributed.

Ahmadi said that the vote was attended by 40 million people, the turnout was 70%. Official results will be published by may 20.

Iranian citizens could vote for four candidates. In addition to Rouhani and Raisi, participated in the elections, former Vice President Mostafa Hashemi-Taba and Mostafa Aka-Mirsalim from the party “Islamic coalition”. Throughout the election campaign, Rouhani kept the lead, however Raisi was considered his main rival.

In an interview with RBC Professor of Tehran University Mohammad Marandi said that.

the main differences between the two candidates affect the economy and domestic policy.

Rouhani criticized for the weak economy and high unemployment. However, he failed to deliver on his main campaign promise, which he gave before the vote in 2013, and to achieve the lifting of sanctions against Iran.

Rouhani 68 years. For 20 years he worked in Parliament and held various posts in the state structures. Raisi 56 years. In 2014-2016 he was the Prosecutor General of Iran. It is supported by Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei and the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC).