The diplomats promised to deal with the attempt of the Mexicans to Lynch Russians

Russian Embassy in Mexico received contradictory information about the incident with the Russian Alexei Makeev in Cancun. According to some, he could be injured. About it RIA Novosti on Saturday, may 20, said the Consul in Mexico Dmitry Bolbot.

The diplomat said that, according to one version, Makeev could cause serious injury to one of opponents. “We are waiting for official confirmation,” he added.

Bolbot said that as soon as it became aware of the situation, the Embassy took action. “The honorary Consul in Cancun Armin Volpert contacted the head of the Federal police of Quintana Roo, there pulled fighters, contacted Mexico’s foreign Ministry to keep the issue under control and protect our citizens”, — he said.

Living in Cancun Russian Alexander Tolmachev told reporters that Makeev, when his house was surrounded by a crowd of Mexicans, started shooting and hit one of them in the chest. “Unknown, survived or not. Makeeva lucky that the crowd didn’t tear him on the spot”, — he explained.

19 may a group of residents of Cancun came to the house Makeyev and tried to Lynch him. The reason was that he insulted the citizens, including women and children, recorded their actions on video and posted to the Internet. As a result, the man was beaten, but the police saved him from violence.