The capital’s restaurants decided to adapt for persons with disabilities on the basis of data of the savings Bank

Part of the Moscow restaurants and hotels will be adapted for people with disabilities. To choose the institutions planned on the basis of data of the savings Bank for persons with disabilities receiving pension and social benefits. About this Agency city news “Moscow” said the head of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia (Frio), Igor Bukharov.

The word Bukharova, are now negotiating with Sberbank. “In places where there reside the largest number of disabled persons, hotels and restaurants will be equipped so people with disabilities can comfortably visit, to eat and drink” — he said.

Bukharov explained that not every restaurant can afford to equip available Wednesday and FRIO negative attitude to the idea to oblige all to do it, “it’s money, and the situation on the market crisis”. Thus, according to him, each institution still tries whenever possible to help visitors with disabilities — for example, some networks on their own initiative released a menu in Braille for the blind.

The head of the FRIO, said that because of the bureaucracy in the structure of savings Bank work on the program will start during the year.