Sobyanin proposed to demolish the homes of “undecideds” in the last turn

Sergei Sobyanin

Five-story building, whose residents did not participate in the vote on the renovation programme, will carry last. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin said in an interview with RIA Novosti on Friday, may 19.

“The low turnout is not possible that we say: dear citizens, then we let your home turn on in the second-third-tenth place,” said the mayor.

He urged Muscovites to actively participate in the voting on the inclusion of the houses in the program of demolition of dilapidated housing, stressing that will take into account everyone’s opinion. “Don’t sit, we don’t get to pour concrete, to carry stones, dig a trench and so on. Please: come to MFC or [website] “Active citizen”, Express your opinion for or against”, — said Sobyanin.

In the case that only 20-30 percent of residents can Express their views, a decision on inclusion of object in the program would be difficult to accept, said the mayor. He noted that an abstention is not profitable nor supporters of resettlement, nor his opponents.

Sobyanin also said that if a third of the residents of the building vote against it, “no-one will carry”.

Yesterday it was reported that the mayor signed a law on additional guarantees of the housing and property rights in the implementation of the renovation program.

14 may opened voting on the issue of renovation of housing. It is carried out in the centres of public services “My documents” and the electronic system of the Active citizen. In the voting can participate as owners and tenants under agreements sotsnayma.