Shepelev was going to appeal the verdict on the missing money Friske

Shepelev was going to appeal the verdict on the missing money Friske

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev is going to appeal the decision, according to which the relatives of the singer Zhanna Friske should return the charity organization “Rusfond” 21.6 million rubles. He stressed that doing this in the interests of his son Platon, which is represented. His words leads TASS.

According to Shepeleva, the court was presented evidence that the money in question was withdrawn from the accounts shortly before the death of the singer and her mother. He added that he did not know what happened to these funds. “Obviously, four days before death it is impossible to spend the money for treatment of the hopelessly ill, the dying person,” he said.

The broadcaster did not agree that the duty imposed not only on parents Friske, and son of Plato. “Paternal I contend, because a bargaining chip in this horrible and shameful history, my only son, who received after deceased mom’s debts and endless gossip”. “I will continue to fight for the only thing important to me is the welfare and peace of my son,” he added.

On 19 may, the court ruled that the parents of the singer Vladimir and Olga Kopylova (Friske), and Shepelev (civil husband of the singer, represents in court the interests of their infant son of Plato) should return the benefactors of 21.6 million rubles.

It is noted that the contract with the Foundation was the target, that is, the money was to be spent exclusively on treatment. However, according to representatives of the organization, from 25 million rubles, collected in a charity marathon, for this purpose left only a small part. Shepeleva, lawyers argue that the funds cashed Olga Kopylova (Friske).

Friske died from brain cancer in June 2015. The year before, when her illness became known, the First channel has launched a charitable campaign to raise funds for treatment, there were around 25 million rubles.

Zhanna Friske, she was a soloist of group “Brilliant” from 1996 to 2003, then began a solo career. She also played several roles in film in the films “Night watch” “Day watch” and “what men talk About”.