Putin fearing Russian cold weather will take Duterte in the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on may 25 will return to Moscow for talks with Philippine counterpart Rodrigo Duterte. On Friday, may 19, the press service of the Kremlin.

“The exchange of views on topical international and regional problems with emphasis on issues of stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region”, — stated in the message.

Following the visit, Duterte will be adopted a joint statement and signed a number of documents.

Previously, the Philippine foreign Ministry said it viewed the visit as a sign of “a strong desire to expand and strengthen bilateral relations,” RIA Novosti reported.

Putin and Duterte dated 19 November during the APEC summit in Peru. The President of the Philippines condemned the policy of Western countries who “are trying to attack small countries and bully them.” The Russian leader, in turn, congratulated his colleague on his election victory and invited him to visit Russia.

“President Putin during our meeting said, “we are Waiting for you in Russia.” To which I replied: “thank you very much, Mr. President, but I can’t right now because I can’t stand the cold.” If I were in Russia now, he would have died on the spot, probably,” — said Duterte after the meeting.

Duterte known for his harsh statements. He called former U.S. President Barack Obama a son of a whore, UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon, a fool and sent to hell with the European Union.