Onishchenko declared innocence of the Moscow oil refinery to the contamination of the air in Sochi

Gennady Onishchenko

Former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, the Deputy of the state Duma Gennady Onishchenko said that a possible recent source of air pollution in Moscow Kapotnya could become suburban businesses, not Moscow oil refinery (MNPZ). This he told TASS.

Onishchenko is confident that the 51-fold excess of the acceptable level of hydrogen sulfide in air, fixed by Mosekomonitoring, was not. Otherwise, according to Onishchenko, it would be a lot of requests to physicians. He recalled that the CPS found the pollution level is eight times higher than the norm.

The residents of Kapotnya Onishchenko has advised to “know their rights” and demand compensation from companies, soiled air.

17 may the Moscow Prosecutor’s office organized a check on the fact of deterioration of the ecological situation in Sochi. On the night of 17 may in the air was recorded a 50-fold excess of the permissible limits of hydrogen sulfide.

In this case the mobile station MOE found no environmental anomalies, after which the office suggested that the instrument “Mosekomonitoring” technically faulty.

May 15, media reported about the emergency situation at the refinery. Residents of the area that day complained of a sour smell and headaches.