New York Times: trump called Komi “psycho” and “crazy fool”

New York Times: trump called Komi “psycho” and “crazy fool”

WASHINGTON, may 19 — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump admitted at a meeting with foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that he felt strong pressure from the FBI and its former Director James Komi, Russia, the former official trump has described as a “psycho” and “crazy jerk,” the notes from the meeting of the two leaders in Washington, which could see the New York Times.

“I just fired the Director of the FBI. He was crazy, and crazy jerk… I was faced with strong pressure from Russia. But it’s over,” the newspaper quoted trump.

This is not the first leak from the meeting trump and Lavrov. On Monday, the Washington Post, citing anonymous sources among current and former American officials said that trump during a meeting with Lavrov announced some information, which “put at risk a critical source of intelligence information” on ISIS (a terrorist group banned in Russia).

On Tuesday, the US presidential Advisor on national security Herbert McMaster called the media reports on this subject are false. According to him, trump and Lavrov discussed the General threat from terrorist organizations, including threats to aviation, but did not discuss the sources or methods of intelligence were not revealed to military operations, which would not be known publicly.

President Donald trump fired FBI Director Komi last week, saying that he is unable to lead the Bureau.