More than 140 people were killed in the attack at the airbase in Libya

The attack at the airbase near the town of Marriage of al-Shati in southern Libya killed 141 people. About it reports Reuters referring to the representative of the Libyan national army Ahmed al-Mismari.

He said that of the 141 103 who died were military personnel. Al-Mismari said that among the victims there are also civilians who worked at the base or were close to it.

Avibase was attacked on Thursday, may 18. The military were attacked by a band originating from the city of Misurata, known as the “Third Force”. Al-Mismari pointed out that earlier the air base was controlled by this group, nominally an ally of the government of national agreement in Tripoli, which supports the UN.

After the civil war with foreign intervention, which in 2011 was overthrown and killed by the founder of the Libyan Jamahiriya Muammar Gaddafi, the country in fact, there is no common power between the different forces clashed. Part of the territory seized by radical Islamists, until recently Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte was controlled by the banned terrorist group “Islamic State”.

Until February 2016 in Libya, there were two governments: democratically elected and recognized by the international community in Tobruk and the Islamist — in Tripoli. 17 December 2015 when the UN mediation, the parties signed an agreement on the establishment of a government of national unity. Its composition was announced on 15 February 2016.