In the US, two fighter jets escorted the plane after the incident on Board

In the US, two fighter jets escorted the plane after the incident on Board

MOSCOW, may 20 — RIA Novosti. Two American fighter F-22 was accompanied by a civilian vessel flying American Airlines after the man tried to break into the cockpit, reports Hawaii News Now.

According to the portal, the incident took place on Board the ship, EN route from Los Angeles to Honolulu. During the flight the man of Turkish origin violated safety rules by trying to break into the cockpit. One of the passengers caught this moment on video and posted to social networks.

After the incident, the Pacific command of the U.S. armed forces took the decision to launch two fighters from the airfield in Hawaii to accompany the liner around 11.35 local time (00.35 GMT). The plane took off from Los Angeles at 21.35 GMT.

Crazy! Someone tried to break into the cockpit on my flight from LA to Honolulu. We were greeted by the FBI. They are now taking us off the plane a few rows at a time for dog sniffing and interviews. I’ve never seen anything like this. #cnn #fbi #usa #homelandsecurity #hawaii #news —– Any interested news outlets are welcome to use my footage, please credit BPLUS.noisefloor.dnb as the source.

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“Two F-22 Pacific command took off this morning from the airfield Hawaii Air National Guard after reports of violations to Board a civilian plane, bound for Honolulu international airport” — quoted by CNBC the statement of the representative of the Pacific command Dave Benham.

The Ministry of homeland security (DHS), in turn, announced the arrest of the offender. “The plane has landed, a person who violates the safety during the flight, was arrested,” — reads the statement of the DHS, published in the microblog Twitter. Internal security Minister was informed about the incident.