Gref stated jam Russian schools in the XIX century.

German Gref

Russian school’s approach to teaching children remained at the level of the XIX century, said the head of Sberbank German Gref. on Friday, may 19, according to video News Service.

“The modern school begat Wilhelm von Humboldt in humiliated of Germany conquered by Napoleon. The country needed to give birth to soldiers. Humboldt brilliant for its time gave the idea of universal education and the creation of youth such an army of disciples,” he said.

Gref added that back in 1850 the Minister of education of Japan wrote that the system of forced education does not bear the happiness of the student, as it was created for the state. The head of Sberbank said that the basis of learning since then has remained the same, and this is a gigantic problem. According to Gref, the school must move from teaching knowledge to teaching skills.

In April, the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov said that every tenth Russian school teacher of Russian language and mathematics is not familiar enough with your subject.

Wilhelm von Humboldt German philosopher, linguist, statesman, and diplomat. One of the founders of linguistics as a science. During his tenure as Minister of religions and education, he spent the reform of secondary and higher education in Prussia. In particular, he belonged to the idea to bring primary school under religious influences and to make an independent educational institution.