Blow to the flank: how did the “king of air combat” su-27

The Su-27


May 20 marks the 40th anniversary of the first flight of the Soviet experimental fighter of the fourth generation T-10-1. The car was the first prototype of a family of fighters, known as the su-27.

The plane was created as a response to the American fighter F-15, but eventually surpassed him and repeatedly recognized as one of the best combat aircraft of the last century. The history of “drying” began with the attempt is not entirely successful espionage Soviet intelligence.

Surpassed “American”

The development of the Sukhoi design Bureau (now Department of JSC “Company “Sukhoi” in the United aircraft Corporation, KLA) began in 1969, in 1975 was completed the schematic design, and a year later began construction of the first prototype. The development was led by General designer Pavel Sukhoi (in the early stages of the project), the main designers Naum Chernyak, Mikhail Simonov, Artyom Kolchin Alexey Knyshev. The working code of the project T-10.