American teacher arrested for sex with student

The police of the city of Port Saint Lucie (Florida, USA) have arrested a 35-year-old teacher of high school Tiffany Michelle Galago (Geliga, Tiffany Michelle) for having sex with 17-year-old student. It is reported

She is charged of committing violent acts of a sexual nature. “When a person is instructed to observe the children, to him by parents and society is a special trust. What is particularly egregious is the fact that we are talking about the teacher”, — said the press detective Joe Norkus.

About a crime it became known, when the principal of the school asked the mother of one of pupils. According to the woman, her son often corresponded with the teacher, sometimes in the dead of night. The young man was summoned for an interview — he explained that nothing untoward between him and Galigai was not, however, his classmate could be “something more”.

When the police questioned specified a classmate, he admitted that on April 29 they with the teacher exchanged a few text messages and was found in her car to have sex. The meeting was repeated a week later. The investigation is underway.

3 July 2016 teacher from Florida, which three 17-year-old students, was sentenced to 22 years in prison.