Trump revealed the name of the main applicant for a post of the head of the FBI

Joe Lieberman

The President of the United States Donald trump confirmed that the main contender for the post of FBI Director is Joe Lieberman (Joe Lieberman). He said this during a joint press conference with his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos, reports the Associated Press.

Trump said that soon will officially announce the name of the new head of power Department. He refused to go into details, tersely answering “Yes” to the question of whether Lieberman, a former Senator from Connecticut, is considered a key candidate for the post.

The President has sent in the resignation of FBI Director James Comey on 10 may, on the recommendation of the Minister of justice, attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions. As stated in the letter former FBI Director, he “is not able to effectively lead” the Department. Trump also noted that it is important to find for the FBI, the guide, which will restore public confidence in the FBI. According to the White house, Komi abused their powers, closing the case against Hillary Clinton on the use of private email for official purposes.

May 12, WikiLeaks has offered a reward of 100 thousand dollars to anyone who can provide a record of the conversation with trump and Komi Republic. The President advised the former strongman to “ensure that there are no records of their conversations, before tipping off the journalists.”