The robot has successfully put the virtual passenger plane

The robot has successfully put the virtual passenger plane

During the tests simulated a scenario of loss of pilot consciousness.

Us company Aurora Flight Sciences have had another test a robotic system ALIAS that allows you to convert any manned aircraft to a UAV. According to the company, the robot installed in the simulator cockpit of a passenger plane Boeing 737−800NG, and he successfully planted the virtual plane.

Quick conversion of manned aircraft into UAVs allows to solve several problems. In particular, this allows to compensate for the lack of drones.

In addition, obespechennaya technique allows you to use the equipment for its intended purpose while not endangering the lives of pilots.

During testing on the simulator Boeing 737−800NG simulated a scenario in which the commander of an aircraft in flight has been unable to maintain the aircraft. System ALIAS, as second pilot, took the controls, successfully brought the virtual plane to the airport and put him.

During testing of a Boeing 737−800NG was in autopilot mode, allowing the aircraft to perform an automatic landing. The robot ALIAS, turning the Vernier on the instrument panel, moving the handle flaps and throttle, the autopilot gave the necessary command. It should be noted that the landing of the aircraft even in autopilot mode is extremely difficult.

The development of the system ALIAS is commissioned Agency defense advanced development of the United States. It consists of several high definition cameras installed in the cockpit, and a manipulator with many degrees of freedom and compute. According to the request of the military, the ALIAS should quickly be installed on any aircraft without intervention in its structure.

The system management is performed through intuitive graphical interface on a tablet computer. In addition, possible voice control and voice feedback. Currently, the dismantling of the prototype system, adapting it to new aircraft and installation should be about 30 days.

The system ALIAS is specially designed to be able to interact with the usual controls in the cockpit, whether it be buttons, knobs or pedals. The system can operate in several modes: observer (does not lead the aircraft but are ready to take control), second pilot (helps the commander to the unit) and Autonomous (the device itself).

Previously, the system ALIAS successfully tested on real aircraft Diamond DA42 and Cessna 208 Caravan seaplane DHC-2 Beaver and the multipurpose helicopter UH-1 Iroquois.

Vasily Sychev