The media had found a violation of the Trustee Bulk

Dmitry Shestakov

Confidant of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Ulyanovsk appointed Manager and Dmitry Shestakov, disqualified the Federal tax service (FNS) for fraud in the financial statements. About it reports “Ridus” on Friday, may 19.

According to the publication, six months ago the IRS caught Shestakova in deliberate concealment of information about the activities belonging to it, OOO “Stroitel”. The court found the tax claims substantiated. As a result, on a year forbidden him to replace supervising posts and to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

According to the newspaper, the appointment Shestakova may violate the law. He himself in an interview denied that would be to get a job at the headquarters of cash rewards, writes “Ridus”.

On may 3, Secretary of the Central election Commission of Russia Maya Grishina said that the Bulk can not run for President. Opposition politician convicted under the Criminal code, “Misappropriation and embezzlement” which provides till 10 years of imprisonment. This crime belongs to the category of serious. The opposition, in turn, insists that the right to move given to him by the Constitution.