The court ordered the relatives Friske in favor of the “Rusfond” 21.6 million rubles

The court ordered the relatives Friske in favor of the “Rusfond” 21.6 million rubles

MOSCOW, may 19 — RIA Novosti. Perovsky court of Moscow has collected 21.6 million rubles from relatives Janna Friske on the claim “Rusfond”.

As co-defendants in the case, the court made the parents of the singer and her four year old son Platon, which represents the interests of his legal representative Dmitry Shepelev.

“Satisfy the claim, to recover from the defendants jointly and severally 21 million 633 thousand rubles, and a fee in the amount of 60 thousand rubles”, — stated in the court decision.

According to the “Rusfond” charitable organization allocated to the treatment of Jeanne Friske about 25 million, but spent only a small part. Referring to the conditions of the contract of donation, the Foundation demanded from the relatives of the singer to return $ 21 million 633 thousand rubles.

Representatives of Dmitry Shepelev claimed that the said amount cashed the mother of the singer Olga Friske, therefore, in their opinion, the claim had to be submitted to her. In the “Rusfond”, said that the money was withdrawn from the accounts by the mother of the singer two weeks before her daughter’s death.

Zhanna Friske became known because of the actions of the group “Brilliant”. In 2003 she began her solo career.

Friske died in June 2015 from cancer.

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