Putin spoke about the American political schizophrenia


RIA Novosti

In relations between Russia and the European Union there is excessive politicization, but in the US, where President Donald trump, the media is accused of passing classified information at a meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, developing political schizophrenia, this after talks with Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni said Russian leader Vladimir Putin, noting that there are prospects of development of Russian-Italian relations.

Italian Prime Minister and Russian President have held talks in Sochi. After talking in the narrow part of Gentilini and Putin talked to Russian and Italian journalists. After the press conference, they returned to negotiations, but already in the expanded format. Despite the fact that the talks focused on Russian-Italian relations, the most vivid statements of the Russian leader on a press-conference was devoted to the United States.

The politicization and schizophrenia

Putin at a press conference said that relations between Russia and the EU at the moment can not be called normal, there is excessive politicization. “We talked about relations between Russia and the EU, their current state can’t be called normal, you should try to get rid of excessive politicization and restore a constructive atmosphere,” Putin said.

“I am convinced that the expansion of economic cooperation between Russia and European countries, as well as establishing field relations between the Eurasian Union and the EU could contribute to strengthening of confidence on the entire Eurasian space”, — said the President of the Russian Federation.

Moscow and Rome call for a common effort in the fight against terrorism, Putin said. He noted that the talks “agreed on further deepening foreign policy coordination”.

Putin called political schizophrenia accusations trump from the American media that he Lavrov handed over secret information. “We at the same time we see that in the United States develops the political schizophrenia. Anything else I can’t explain the charges of the incumbent President that he gave to Mr Lavrov as any secrets,” said Putin.

The Russian President jokingly said that the Russian foreign Minister will have to reprimand, “because these “secrets” he didn’t share with us”. “Neither with me, nor with representatives of Russian security services. This is very bad on his part,” said Putin.

Putin joked about the reprimand Lavrov, which is not shared “secrets” trump

On Monday, the Washington Post, citing anonymous sources among current and former American officials said that trump during a meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told some sort of information that “put at risk a critical source of intelligence information,” the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

Those who are “rocking the political situation in the United States” under anti-Russian slogans, dangerous and unscrupulous people, Putin said. “Initially, when we looked, when the process of the political struggle evolved, it was funny. Today it is not easy sadly, it is a concern to us, because what else can you think of people who generate such nonsense, such nonsense, it’s hard to imagine”, — he said.

“They are rocking the political situation in the United States under anti-Russian slogans, they either don’t understand what make this nonsense with his hand, and then they are just stupid or they understand everything, and then they’re just dangerous and unscrupulous people. But in any case, it’s a matter of the United States, we are there to intervene was not going and will not” — said Putin.

Prospects in the economy

Russia and Italy have good prospects for the development of trade-economic cooperation, despite the decline in trade turnover between the countries, said the President of the Russian Federation. According to the Russian leader, during talks with Gentiloni discussed in detail the whole spectrum of cooperation, the results of which the parties have identified specific plans for further development.

Russia relies on the participation of Italy in the diversification of Russian gas supplies to Europe via the southern direction, Putin said.

In different areas of cooperation, countries need to act together and not to submit to a momentary political conjuncture, then the result of the interaction is positive, Putin said.

Russia has invited Italian businesses to take part in SPIEF in June, Putin said.

Russia will be glad to host all the countries that want cooperation, regardless of the format of this cooperation, he said.

In addition, according to Putin, Italy is very popular among Russian tourists in Russia expect to increase the oncoming tourist traffic.

He noted the two countries ‘ cooperation in the sphere of manned cosmonautics. As Putin said, the international crew, which will include Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, will deliver to the ISS two months.

“Rosneft” and Eni in the framework of the visit of the Italian delegation in the Russian Federation signed an agreement on expanding cooperation in the spheres of production, processing, marketing and trading. In particular, the document consolidates previously issued agreement for drilling exploratory wells in the framework of joint projects in the Black and Barents seas.

The sanctions without automatic

Gentiloni said after the talks that the decision on the extension of EU sanctions against Russia can not be taken automatically. “From our point of view, our efforts that we have made and continue to make in the framework of the EU and NATO is to underline that there can be no automatic renewal of sanctions. It is necessary to talk seriously, having a clear goal while preserving the unity of the EU and NATO, because we cannot work in separation from each other, but our goal should be the unity of our unions, as well as serious discussion about how the situation develops in Ukraine”, — he said.

He noted that Italian companies have always trusted the Russian market. He called it “the right choice” of Italian companies. Gentiloni stated that Italy now sees a positive resumption of trade between Russia and Italy.

Gentiloni called the St. Petersburg international economic forum is an important platform for discussions.

Russia and Italy must cooperate the efforts in the fight against terrorism, said Gentiloni. He noted that for the solution of international crises have G7 on all questions to work with important partners such as Russia. The presidency of the G7 moved to Italy from 1 January 2017. The G7 summit in Taormina on Sicily, scheduled for 26-27 may. Gentiloni stressed the importance of talks with Putin ahead of the meeting of the countries “Big seven”.

Putin, for his part said Gentiloni said ahead of the summit some secret information.

Gentiloni at the meeting with Putin said that the estimates of Russian-Italian relations as successful and even excellent.

Putin, in turn, called substantive and productive talks with Prime Minister of Italy. He noted that Italy is an important partner of Russia, and strive to build constructive and mutually beneficial relationships based on equality, respect and consideration of each other’s interests.