Menyailo called a priority task for the Buryat authorities


RIA Novosti

The Plenipotentiary in the Siberian Federal district Sergei Menyailo said that the main challenge for the authorities of Buryatia, where as a result of major wildfires of the residents of the village of Cheryomushki were left without homes, to provide them with quality housing, and invited the authorities to adopt a law allowing victims of the disaster to the forest for shelter rehabilitation, the official website of the Republic’s authorities.

At the end of April in the Baikal district suffered a major fire, which resulted in the village of Cheryomushki burned down 17 houses. Currently, the government of Buryatia solve the issue of reconstruction of housing for the villagers.

Menyailo is located in the Buryatia Republic on a working visit, and during the working meeting the acting head of the Republic Alexei Tsydenov said to him, what have we done to fire-affected people. The report said that all the victims paid the relying financial aid. Rehabilitation people will be offered two options. On request they will be able to get the money to buy a new home or getting ready at home instead of burned.

“You are happy with the way. Most importantly, the period of 30 Sep, and most importantly, so that people have good quality housing,” — said Menyailo.

Polpred “also asked to consider the adoption of the Republic law, by analogy with the Irkutsk oblast, which would provide the opportunity for people of certain categories, including those affected by emergencies to the forest to recover the lost real estate.”

He promised that he will fully support Buryatia in addressing these issues.

“If you will have any problems, and we have very tight deadlines, please contact us and we will solve these problems”, — said the envoy.