In the Stavropol region, a four year old girl received a chemical burn from the SAP

In Budyonnovsk (Stavropol Krai) began pre-investigation checks on the fact of obtaining a four-year-old girl burn after drinking juice. This was reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee.

According to preliminary data, on Monday afternoon, may 15, grandpa with granddaughter bought one of the grocery stores in the city fruit juice. The girl drank it, while receiving a chemical burn of the oral cavity. The drink tasted her grandfather and the owner of the shop where it was purchased, and received similar damage. The child was hospitalized.

Currently, investigators establish the circumstances of the incident. Carrying out is appointed is judicial-medical examination.

In April in Ekaterinburg graduate kindergarten was in the hospital after drinking disinfectant, by mistake, offered him a tutor instead of water. Means “deo-chlorine” in the kettle poured a nanny to clean it. The victim was taken to children’s hospital where they pumped his stomach. Provisional diagnosis the little boy, “burn of larynx and oral cavity”, under the question “burns of the esophagus”.