In the state Duma introduced a bill on penalties for illegal magical activity

In the state Duma introduced a bill on penalties for illegal magical activity

MOSCOW, may 19 — RIA Novosti. In the state Duma introduced a bill to establish criminal responsibility for illegal traditional medicine and the implementation of occult and magical activities with a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment, if the result of such activity was the death of a man, reported RIA Novosti, the author of the bill, the Deputy Vitaly Milonov (EP). The criminal code is proposed to add a new article 235.

So, for the illegal occupation of traditional medicine by a person not granted the permission specified by the law and the exercise of occult and magical activities, if these acts entailed by negligence the infliction of harm to human health or damage to property on a large scale is proposed to punish by a fine in the amount up to 120 thousand roubles or restriction of freedom for up to three years, compulsory labor, or imprisonment for the same term.

For the same acts which entailed by negligence human death or causing property damage in especially large size is offered to establish punishment and compulsory works for a term of up to five years or imprisonment for the same term.

The MP gives a definition of occult and magical activities, under which it is proposed to understand the activities and services of persons (astrologers, fortune-tellers, magicians, spiritualists, psychics, mediums), including for diagnostic purposes and impact of man, his health, spiritual peace, property, and other persons engaged in these impacts under different derivatives (healer, sorcerer, seer, and others) or hidden (expert, specialist, consultant) names, including the surrounding information and other environment.

According to the note, property damage in the large size in this article recognizes the damage exceeds 250 thousand roubles, and especially large — one million rubles.

As explained by Milon, with the concept of occult and magical activities, usually involves a large number of fraudulent schemes in which citizens are deprived of their property, valuables and cash, and in some cases this activity leads to harm to their health. Thus, according to the Deputy, most of the judicial practice shows that in a manipulation consciousness of the person and provide him the psychological pressure is often applied drugs, which provide the necessary hallucinogenic effect.

“According to statistics contained in a study of RAMS, 95% of traditional healers have no medical education, and over 40% of them are in need of treatment of mental disorders. However, many such activities are undertaken without a special permit,” — said the Deputy.