Fifty protesters tried to enter the building of Ministry of justice of Germany in Berlin

About 50 protesters tried to break into the Ministry of justice of Germany in Berlin. On Friday, 19 may, Die Welt reported.

A group of demonstrators pulled up in a van with a long ladder to the building Department. “[The Minister of justice of Germany Heiko] Maas retired”, “Close the border” they chanted.

The demonstrators were dispersed police arrived. Against some of the activists can be prosecuted on counteraction to law enforcement officials.

The organizer of the action was detained, the newspaper notes.

According to preliminary data, the protesters belong to the ultra-right, anti-immigration. Presumably, the reason for the protest was the draft law on combating incitement to hatred in social networks.

Migration crisis in Europe in 2015, most notably hit Germany. During the year the country was visited by over a million asylum-seekers. In 2016, the number of migrants has decreased significantly, amounting to several hundred thousand people.