Eight differences of the Cannes film festival-2017

Eight differences of the Cannes film festival-2017

In Cannes opened the jubilee, 70-th, festival. Bi-bi-si has selected eight of the most interesting moments of the Cannes film festival this year.

Traditionally, the 12 days of the festival will be filled with screenings, a parade of stars and parties.

Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Emma Thompson, Tilda Swinton, Louis Garrel, Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, Dustin Hoffman are just a few of the films which will be shown during the 12 days of the festival.

Russia is represented by three films in the main programme of the festival.

Bi-bi-si has selected eight of the most interesting moments of the Cannes film festival this year.

1. Three Russian films in the main programme

They say that this year is exceptional for Russia: two films in the main competition and one in “the Special sight”.

Andrey Zvyagintsev with “Dislike” and Sergei Loznitsa with “the Meek” — in the main Cannes competition. Zvyagintsev traditionally shows almost every new movie here but the Loznica was already in Cannes.

Russian critics have noted that the fact that all of these tapes were made without the support of the state — is symptomatic.

But if many have some idea what to expect from Zvyagintsev and Loznitsa, the debut tape “Distress” Cantemir Balogova — graduate course of Alexander Sokurov Kabardino-Balkarian University can open up a whole new territory.

The premiere of Andrey Zvyagintsev’s “Dislike” will be held on Thursday. So the critical reaction to the story in the spirit of the existential dramas of Ingmar Bergman — how to describe a new tape critique — the long wait is not necessary.

2. Strong competition

This year in the main competition of the festival — 19 films. Besides those already mentioned — ribbon other favorites of Cannes. For example, Todd Haynes with ribbon “the World is full of miracles”, where he played Julianne Moore. Drama “actually you were never here,” Lynn Ramsey, whose family drama “something not so with Kevin” was already presented at the Cannes festival.

“Happy ending” by Michael Haneke where he played Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Louis Trintignant, Cannes may be the champion. History Haneke, starting as a small-scale family drama and in the final gut-wrenching spectators inside out, has twice received “the Gold palm branch”: “White ribbon” and “Love.” Skeptics say that three times this award did not receive one. Maybe Haneke can break this rule.

Oh, and also, in competition, Naomi Kawase, Francois Ozon, Fatih akin, Michelle Hazanavicius — they are not new here.

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Will Smith, Jessica Chastain, Pedro Almodóvar

Chairing the jury Pedro Almodovar, in the main, jury — Jessica Chastain and will Smith. Jury second in importance to the Cannes program “the Special sight” is headed by Uma Thurman.

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Uma Thurman

3. Benefit Nicole Kidman

This year is the year Nicole Kidman: at the festival she has four of the project.

“Fatal temptation” by Sofia Coppola, playing Kidman, Kirsten dunst, Colin Farrell and El fanning, is considered one of the favorites this year. The plot — the story of the Civil war in the US, when in a closed women’s hostel gets wounded soldier-northerner. But it is not in women’s compassion: from Sofia Coppola’s the least one would expect a sentimental story. While behind the walls of women’s pension war rages inside the chamber of the female world is his battle: angelic and devilish.

Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell played together in the ribbon Greek Director Giorgos Lanthimos “Killing sacred deer.” His “Lobster” was awarded the Cannes jury in 2015. At this time we are talking about how the decision of the couple to take care of a challenging teenager leads to disaster.

In addition, Kidman will present the tape “How to talk to girls at parties”, based on a story by Neil Gaiman about the alien, separated from her and trapped in the most dangerous place in the Universe: London Croydon. As well as television series, Jane Campion’s “Top of the lake”.

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4. Party. A lot of parties

For many, the Cannes festival screenings and press conferences, and parties and nightly red carpet at Cannes in the main hall of “Lumiere”.

Rihanna and Cara Delevingne is at the forefront of the Cannes night life this year. None of these celebrities is not a movie, but Rihanna is the hostess of a party, and Kara is the face of the new ice cream. Yes, Cannes is not all and not always interested in the movie.

And maybe that’s why many people come to the Cote d’azur only to enjoy the high life to the fullest. They disagree on the Croisette in the early morning, when reporters in a hurry on the morning shows, and yachts of all sizes moored in the Cannes promenade.

5. The tightening of security measures

Security measures this year is really unprecedented. They were reinforced after the recent attacks in France, and especially after the attack in nice, when a truck crashed into a crowd of people walking on the promenade.

About 400 concrete barriers disguised as flower beds were installed in the area of La Croisette. Approximately 160 meters of chain with spikes also serve this purpose. And, in addition, extra police and more than 500 cameras installed on the streets of the city, one for about 140 residents of Cannes.

According to the representative of the festival, these measures are intended “to ensure the festival guests safety” and “take care not to disturb the usual course of the festival”.

6. Actors in the Director’s chair

This year many famous actors will present his directorial work. They include Kristen Stewart, Robin Wright and Vanessa Redgrave.

Kristen Stewart star of “Twilight” or “Personal shopper” for that matter, will present at the festival a short film “let’s Go swimming”, the story of one day in one 30-year-old man.

Robin Wright will also show a short film: in her “Dark nights” tells of a woman seeking refuge from a storm in a secluded cafe near the road.

“Sea sorrow” Vanessa Redgrave, which is always sensitive to political developments in the world — a documentary history, devoted to the migrant crisis, reflected the personal position of the Director, which insists on the primacy of human rights. In her own words, the idea of making this documentary came to her when she saw the photo of the deceased off the coast of Turkey, a Syrian boy Alan Kurdi.

In the Cannes competition, there is another tape on the same subject: the “Superfluous man” Cornell Mundruczo, whose films participated in the Cannes competition and received prizes. This time is the story of a refugee who was wounded during the suppression of the border and found a wonderful gift: the ability to fly on their own.

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7. A lot of noise around a small screen

Along with the “Top of the lake” in Cannes this year, 26 years after the premiere, shows the new “twin Peaks” by David Lynch. Fans expect David Lynch will have something to surprise the sophisticated Cannes audience.

For many this is a sign that arrogant Cannes competition finally admitted the TV, despite the fact that Jane Campion, David Lynch has already received the highest awards here. Campion’s “the Golden palm” — for “the Piano” in 1993, and Lynch for Wild at heart in 1990.

This year, a dispute arose around the two Netflix movies that will be shown in the competition. This is a Korean-American film “Okja” with Tilda Swinton and “family History of Mirovic” American Baumbach Noah, with Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler.

French filmmakers were outraged by the fact that these pictures will not be shown in French theaters, and next year in the Cannes competition will show only those movies that will be released in the French hire.

8. Little surprise the big festival

Given the amount of champagne is drunk at the Cannes parties, and the obvious lack of sleep, you can expect any surprises. Stars fell on red carpets or appear there without heels and even barefoot. Booed by audience films of Hollywood stars.

Well, after eternal Cannes favourite Lars von Trier was banned from participation in the Cannes competitions, when he expressed sympathy to Adolf Hitler, here you can expect anything.

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