Because of the visit trump Israeli students pass the exam two hours early

Donald Trump

Due to the arrival of US President Donald trump in Israel students in Jerusalem will be forced to come to the final exam two hours early. On Friday, may 19, informs an information portal

The us leader will pay an official visit to Jerusalem on Monday, may 22. On the same day in Israeli schools, students take math to receive a high school diploma. Many of the streets of Jerusalem will be closed to traffic, expect large traffic jams.

For this reason, the Ministry of education in the country recommended that 15 thousand high school students in Israel to come to school early and try not to get to educational institutions by private transport.

The first foreign visit of Donald trump since the inauguration of the President of the United States begins on may 19. First American President to visit Saudi Arabia. After that he will visit Israel, the Palestinian authority and Italy. Then he went to a NATO summit in Brussels and Sicily, where he held a meeting of leaders of the G7.