A member of the fighting in Syria has suffered adequate punishment

A member of the fighting in Syria has suffered adequate punishment

For the loss of weapons he was fined the minimum amount.

As it became known””, the first sentence handed down to the serviceman of the Russian army for a crime committed during the fighting in Syria. Ordinary contract service Artem Khilko, who lost the machine, escaped a fine in a minimum amount of and even will be able to continue service in the armed forces.

The Moscow district military court (MOVS) has considered yesterday an extraordinary thing for one meeting. The hearing was closed to the media, however, “Kommersant” became known some details of the proceedings.

Artem Khilko, who 314th military investigation Department of the TFR was charged with article 348 of the criminal code (violation of rules of savings entrusted for official use of weapons, ammunition or items of military equipment, if it caused through negligence their loss), the court fully admitted his guilt and asked the judge to confine to a minimal punishment. The prosecution asked for the defendant a fine of 50 thousand rubles. However, the court, considering that Artem Khilko first subject to criminal liability, positively characterised by the command of its parts, and is a member of hostilities, did not recover from it and that amount. “Private was fined the minimum amount and will be able to continue service in the armed forces,” — said Kommersant’s source close to the proceedings.

By the way, the maximum punishment under article 348 of the criminal code stipulates imprisonment for two years. The minimum loss is punishable by a fine in the amount up to 80 thousand rubles. Thus, the ordinary got the lightest penalty.

According to sources, “b”, Artem Khilko along with other soldiers of the 2nd guards motorized rifle Tamanskaya order of the October Revolution and the red banner order of Suvorov division he participated in the fighting in Syria. Soldiers took the goods coming to the naval base in Tartus, and then under his own protection and delivered them to addressees. During the next loading operations ordinary Khilko forgot to remove the machine that hung on Board the truck “Ural”. As expected, in the way the weapon was lost. Kommersant’s source said that military investigators carefully looked into the matter about the loss of the machine. As a result, the version about the possible sale of the weapons were completely eliminated.

Since the criminal case contractor was one of the first initiated against Russian servicemen involved in the operation in Syria, the courts and prosecutors for several months could not determine its jurisdiction. At first listen it wanted MOVS near the military unit of the accused before the court. However, he decided that the proceedings should be conducted in the North Caucasian district military court, as a preliminary investigation was conducted in Rostov-on-don. This decision was appealed by the military Prosecutor’s office, believing that thus can be violated the rights of the accused and the injured party in the face of the defense. To achieve the same hearing in Moscow supervision was only after the chief military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky (I was recently dismissed) has appealed to the military Collegium of the Supreme court of Russia.

Alexei Sokovnin, Nikolai Sergeyev.