Trump has called the investigation of Russia “the greatest witch-hunt”

Trump has called the investigation of Russia “the greatest witch-hunt”

The President of the United States Donald trump reacted sharply to the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller spectaculorum to check reports of Russian interference in American elections.

“This is the greatest witch-hunt against politician in the history of America,” he wrote in his “Twitter” a few hours after the appointment of the Ministry of justice special Prosecutor.

This post was taken by Robert Mueller, who headed the Federal Bureau of investigation United States from 2001 to 2013.

Requirement to appoint a special Prosecutor to investigate the alleged intervention of Russia in election campaign in the United States and possible collusion between members of staff of the trump and the Kremlin made after may 10, the US President fired the head of the FBI James Komi.

The opposition has criticized the President’s decision, accusing him of trying to influence the investigation, which at that time was the head of the Komi Republic.

Trump repeatedly called all the accusations of fakes, and the investigation “a farce on the taxpayers ‘money”.

On the eve of the U.S. Congress asked the FBI to provide records of meetings with trump and Komi Republic. This happened after the publication in the newspaper New York Times, according to which the US President asked the now former head of the FBI to hush up the story with his national security Advisor Michael Flynn, who was suspected of collaboration with Russia.

Trump later fired Flynn. According to the newspaper, Komi Republic, carefully documenting all meetings and conversations with the President and the next day after his resignation amounted to a memo about the conversation, the publication of which require congressmen.

In a statement, Congress said that if such a note really was, it raises the question of how, not trying to trump affect or interfere with the FBI investigation against Flynn.

The existence of the note, reported broadcasting company of si-EN-EN, like the New York Times refers to unnamed sources.

The FBI continues the investigation of the interference of the Russians in U.S. elections. The white house denies all accusations of ties team member trump with the Russian authorities, which could affect the outcome of the presidential election in 2016.

Flynn resigned from the post of national security Advisor in February. He left the post in connection with what was hidden from the leadership of the United States information about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak.

Komi was dismissed from his post as Director of the FBI on may 10. Trump explained his decision by the fact that the Komi Republic is no longer suitable for the job.