The survey showed the willingness of the majority of Sevastopol residents vote for Ovsyannikova


RIA Novosti

About 65 percent of the residents of Sevastopol have been pinning hopes for a better life with Dmitri Ovsyannikov, acting Governor. While 57 percent would vote for him if elections of the mayor were held next Sunday. These are a study of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), reports on Tuesday, may 16, TASS.

“73 percent appreciate his work better than the predecessor. Of those who will go to the polls for the acting Governor is ready to give their votes to 67 percent,” the report says VTSIOM on the results of a survey held in the first quarter of 2017.

As sociologists, with the name Ovsyannikov Sevastopol bind the construction and repair of roads, landscaping. 64 percent of residents of the associated change in the work of government with the change of leadership of the city, with 65 percent of respondents believe that the acting Governor is working in the interests of the city and all citizens.

In March it was reported that Ovsyannikov submitted documents to the political Council of the party “United Russia” to participate in the primaries before the election of the mayor. “In General, my campaign will be built on the real work of the government of Sevastopol”, — said Ovsyannikov.

Their support for the candidacy of acting Governor in the elections scheduled for September 2017, said the Deputy of legislative Assembly Alexey Chaly.

In the same month, experts of Fund “the Petersburg policy” noted that Ovsyannikov has successfully replaced the previous mayor, he knows the agenda is a public figure.