The state Duma Committee approved the idea of supervision of released from prison, the addicts

Profile Committee of the state Duma security and corruption counteraction has approved and recommended for adoption in the first reading a bill introducing administrative supervision of released from the imprisonment of citizens convicted of numerous drug crimes. About it reports TASS.

The head of the Committee Vasily Piskarev said that the bill will allow drug addicts and drug traffickers faster “to adapt to normal life” and provide the rest of the citizens “more effective level of public safety and order”.

Administrative supervision is established solely by the court’s decision and for a period of one to three years. Got under it the people you will be visiting public events, leaving certain areas will be able to visit some public places.

“Often convicted for drug use to become drug and it is extremely dangerous to society because such people can become drug addicts a large number of people. Because released from places of deprivation of liberty must remain in sight of law enforcement bodies”, — concluded the Piskarev.

On 28 April, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has sounded statistics according to which in Russia there are approximately 600 thousand drug addicts. Putin noted that this figure has remained unchanged for five years. While according to unofficial data, in Russia regularly use illicit substances, about two million people, the President added.