The ship “Saint-Petersburg” ran aground in the Vologda region

A boat from Nizhny Novgorod to Saint-Petersburg, ran aground on the river Sheksna in the Vologda region. On Wednesday, may 17, reported on the website of the regional Central Board MOE.

It is noted that the incident with the passenger ship “Saint-Petersburg” took place around 8:00 GMT on 568-kilometer Volga-Baltic waterway. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. Leakage of fuel and lubricants, as well as roll and deformation of vessel no, said rescuers. On Board were 166 people, food and drinking water they provided for 10 days.

RIA news Agency reported that the first captain alone tried to remove the ship off the rocks, but he did not succeed. To the scene sent to the pusher, which should arrive by midday and rescuers and specialists of the state Inspectorate for small vessels.

In August 2016, on the Lena river villages stranded ship “Stepan Arzhakov”, which was carrying 98 passengers and 11 crew members. The ship arrived to the right Bank from-for a strong lateral wind. The rescue helicopters evacuated people from the ship.