The British gardener has grown up “the hottest” pepper in the world

The British gardener has grown up “the hottest” pepper in the world

The gardeners of Wales Denbighshire grown hot peppers, supposedly the hottest in the world. Peppers called “dragon’s Breath” has 2.4 million units on a scale of Hotness, the Scoville — 900 thousand units more than the current record holder.

According to Smith, the grown pepper “beyond sharp” and it can not be eaten, but can be used as an alternative anesthetic in poor countries.

Mike Smith is a crop of about eight years. To make “dragon’s Breath” he was helped by scientists-chemists from the University of Nottingham — they synthesized a new fertilizer and offered it to Smith for tests in the field.

Grown on shrub height slightly less than a meter, the pepper probably has no equal on the content of capsaicin — a chemical that causes a strong burning sensation.

#UK| Hottest chilli pepper in the world accidentally created by the farmer, Mike smith, & will be used as anesthetic

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Smith admitted that he had not even attempted to try his creation to a taste, warning that “it will not be a pleasant feeling.”

“In the end, it is necessary to have a mind,” he said.

The gardener suggests to use “dragon’s Breath” as an anesthetic in third world countries where not enough money for medicine — the juice of the grown pepper in the skin causing numbness.

It can also be useful for patients who are allergic to known to science anestesista funds.

Smith has already applied for the inclusion of “dragon’s Breath” in the Guinness Book of records as the most hot pepper in the world and expects to recognize the international achievements from the representatives of the company.

To date, the world record of Hotness belongs to the American company the PuckButt Pepper. Grown by the owner pepper “Carolina Reaper” is evaluated on a scale of Scoville average of 1.57 million units.

The vast majority of types of pepper that is eaten in Russia and Europe, than burning 50 thousand units of the scale of Scoville.