Rammed the crowd in new York driver arrested

The driver who hit a pedestrian in new York, was arrested. On 18 may reported live to CBS News.

Twitter city police said that motorist 26 years old, he lived in the Bronx (new York area). “It’s not [a terrorist] attack,” added the guards. The police also noted that the suspect had been convicted of drunk driving.

According to Reuters, asking the people the young man was driving a red Honda. According to the Agency, to investigate the incident would be the FBI in conjunction with the police Department of new York.

The car drove into a crowd of people on times Square in the afternoon of 18 may. The incident occurred at the intersection of 45th street and Broadway. Eyewitnesses said that the driver acted deliberately. According to them, the car rode against the traffic and on the sidewalk, knocking down pedestrians. At present, the police in his Twitter confirmed information about one killed and 13 wounded.