New icon plastic surgery has become a Ivanka trump

New icon plastic surgery has become a Ivanka trump

In the industry of plastic surgery has been a new trend to replace the curves of Kim Kardashian came Slavic beauty Ivanka trump. Now lovers of experiments with his looks turning to surgeons with a request to become similar to the first daughter of America. As Ivanka has become an icon of plastic surgery — in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

Trends of plastic surgery are changing rapidly — the cheekbones of Angelina Jolie and huge buttocks Kim Kardashian is no longer in Vogue, the new standard of beauty is now considered to be Ivanka trump. Despite the fact that in the media the President’s daughter, appeared not so long ago, her appearance has become the most popular request in the offices of plastic surgeons.

According to American doctors, this is not surprising.

In my practice, Ivanka has already become a kind of a style icon for plastic surgery. But I’m not surprised, Ivanka is constantly appears in the media, besides it is really a very beautiful woman.Allan Macharashvili plastic surgeon Manhattan

Despite the bright appearance, facial features Ivanka differ from the accepted standards of beauty — her eyebrows are set very low.

However, it is this feature that makes the first daughter is even more attractive.

“When someone extraordinarily beautiful, like a model, symmetry of the face are often outside accepted standards, dictate normal beauty. But this anomaly makes a person beautiful and interesting. Sagging eyebrows Ivanka is one of those times,” says plastic surgeon Frank List.

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According to the Sheet, with the appearance of Ivanka mainly women aged over thirty. Twenty still prefer lips like Kylie Jenner.

“Women at the age of thirty-forty years tend to be examples of beauty in their age group. 35-year-old Ivanka is a perfect combination of attractiveness and age appropriateness. Her upper and lower lips the same size, which looks really nice. I wonder what her proportions are completely wrong that patients have asked in the past, says List. — Look at Kylie Jenner — her upper lip is much fuller. A woman of forty does not want to look like Kylie Jenner, it probably will attract lip Ivanka”.

Some women so much admire the appearance of the first daughters that they are prepared to spend fabulous sums, only to become like his idol. So, 33-year-old Texan Tiffany Taylor turned to the surgeon, Franklin rose to make a number of plastic surgeries to become just like Ivanka.

The woman spent about $60 million for rhinoplasty, injections in the cheeks, eye lift and liposuction. “I see perfection, absolute stunning perfection,” said Taylor after the operations in one of the interviews.

The appearance of Ivanka demand outside the United States. In the city of Foshan (in China) has recently opened a branch of cosmetic surgery with the telling title Yiwanka. According to one of the representatives of the centre, young women in China also want to have big eyes and lips, a thin nose and a perfect figure as Ivanka.

How long will the trend of imitation Ivanka is not yet clear. In most cases, a plastic surgeon women come with a photo of a particular celebrity when she is at the peak of popularity. Once it was a girl on the cover of Playboy, then Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie, a few years ago in Vogue Kim Kardashian, and now it was replaced by Ivanka trump.

Be like a celebrity and want the representatives of a strong half of mankind. Judging by the results of recent operations, Western men crazy lines chin Tom Brady, Daniel Craig and brad pitt.

Also in great demand in the world of male plastic uses liposuction (last year about 30 thousand Americans had the surgery breast reduction), eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. Those who are afraid to go under the knife, I prefer beauty treatments. So, for 2016, the American men made about 450 thousand Botox procedures.

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Such men’s attention to their appearance doctors willing to support and even propose innovative solutions. According to dermatologist Naomi watts David Colbert, with age, the skin along the jaw turns into pockets of fat. To solve the doctor came up with a two-hour procedure called “tie-tuck”, after which men’s skin is tightened due to the ultrasound technology of Ultherapy. Colbert advises patients to carry out the procedure every year and from time to time to maintain the results of Botox and laser toning.

In Russia the situation with expectations from the plastic surgery is somewhat different. According to the surgeon of clinic of plastic surgery “Based” Cyril Natewa, customers rarely come to become like a star.

“Women almost never address with pointers for stars. Often they do anti-aging correction, in this case, of course, there can be no pointers for the stars — women just want to look better and younger. Men do not strive to be someone similar, and these statistics not only me. Specific guidance on the media people for men in my practice. The most common surgery is liposuction and rhinoplasty. Young people often correct droopy ears”.

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