In the United States designated spectacular in the case of when trump with Russia

In the United States designated spectacular in the case of when trump with Russia

In the United States decided to appoint spectracolor to investigate relationships trump with Russia and the possible intervention of Moscow in a presidential election. It’s former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The U.S. Department of justice appointed a special Prosecutor to investigate cases of possible Russian interference in presidential elections, and when Donald trump with Russian officials. About it reports The Washington Post.

Spectaculorum was a former Director of the FBI Robert Mueller.

Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein explained that this decision is consistent with the needs of society.

“My decision does not confirm that a crime has been made, and that any one opinion [regarding the Russian intervention in the elections] was justified. I have no such orders”, — said Rosenstein.

However, he said that the appointment of spectracolor important because this person will be able to demonstrate independence in the investigation. Rosenstein, said Mueller agreed to resign from the post of the head of his law firm to prevent conflicts of interest.

Mueller is charged with investigating “any links and (or) the coordination between the Russian government and persons associated with US President Donald trump”.

In early April, the curator of the Commission, which is examining a possible intervention of Russia in the elections, Devin Nunes has decided to recuse himself and “temporarily removed” from the investigation. He explained this by the fact that several left-wing activists filed a complaint against him in the office of congressional ethics. He disagreed, finding that the allegations were politically motivated.

Núñez was not the only official who is handling the case, decided to withdraw from the investigation. In early March, it was announced by the U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions. The reason for this was the data that he had met with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak during the election campaign.

In the United States believe that Russian hackers have carried out attacks on the servers of the national Committee of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, thereby changing the political landscape. According to investigators, it helped Donald Trump to win the election.

The us President himself, as well as Russian officials repeatedly stated that the lack of contact that could affect the outcome of U.S. voting.