In 2019, Russia will have a unified portal personal data

In 2019, Russia will have a unified portal personal data

Users will be able to see who gave permission to the processing of their data, and to prohibit their further use.

In 2019 the Russians will be able at a special site to check to whom they gave their passport data, and one click to ban their future use. In Russia there will be a website to control the dissemination of personal data. For his conduct will respond to Roskomnadzor. This is stated in the draft programme “Digital economy”, sent by the Ministry of communications in early may, the government (a copy of the document is in “News”).

The appearance of the resource should address the problem of uncontrolled personal data collection.

For example, at the entrance to the business center or the hospital of the citizen may be required to present a passport. The janitor or the security guard will rewrite the document data in notebook. What happens to them next is unknown.

We intend to develop requirements for collecting personal data, told “Izvestia” the President of Fund of information democracy Ilya massukh. In particular, the use of passport data it will be necessary to fix on a special portal. For his conduct will respond to Roskomnadzor.

— Responsible for the portal will be Roskomnadzor. With them this question agreed, — said Ilya massukh. — Funding sources to build a site yet to be determined.

The user can, after logging in, to see who uses his / her personal data and, if desired, to forbid the organization to work with them.

Such a mechanism is now implemented in AppStore and Google Play. When you install an application, the user sees the permission to use any data they request. However, to revoke the authorization will not work here, you can either accept or delete the app.

According to Ilya Massukh, to create a new portal you need to develop a series of legislative acts. In particular, the responsibility of companies that forget to pay him the necessary information.

Chief analyst at the Russian Association for electronic communications Karen Ghazaryan is confident that even the current legislation allows to create such a portal.

— In European countries this form of interaction provided. In Europe this is done by independent organizations. Roskomnadzor very many duties, his representatives do not always have the time to engage in personal data — said Karen Kazaryan. — The creation of such a portal may impair the protection of personal data of users from leakage.

Managing partner of the company “Softest” (Creator the Unified medical information and analytical system of Moscow region) Vladimir Varfolomeev sure that the creation of the portal will be technically simple, to use the authorization of the website services.

Is a perfect model, — said Vladimir Varfolomeev. — If you identify in a different way, can be a problem. Some users will receive the data about visits to the business centers in which they were not. Conversely, someone will leave their passport details, but in his personal account will not see them.

According to Ilya Massukh, 2019 — this is the real time of occurrence of the portal personal data.