Due to floods in five districts of the Tyumen region declared emergency mode

In the Tyumen region due to possible flood in the territory of Vagayskaya district introduced a state of emergency, reported on the website of the regional government.

The regime has started to operate Thursday, may 18. “While there is plenty of time, it is impossible to relax. You need to take all necessary measures Vagayskaya area. If the situation is unfavourable, the municipality needs to be ready for the water,” — said the Governor of Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev. He instructed to strengthen and raise one meter dam in the village of vagai.

At the end of April — early may a state of emergency due to flooding was declared in Kazan, the Ishim, Abatsky and Vikulovskaya areas of the region, as well as in the city of Ishim. As noted in the message of the authorities in the settlements, the roads which cut off water, organized boat crossing, there are products and medicines.

Wednesday, may 17, due to the high water level in the river Ishim state of emergency was introduced in the Omsk region, reported the portal “Ostregion”. In terms of possible complications of flood situation, all the forces and means of the region transferred to high alert and emergency situation. Also a state of emergency was introduced in the Kirov region.