An American couple detained for bitten by rat baby

Young parents from Arkansas (USA) was arrested after their 15-day child found numerous scars from rat bites. About it reports TV channel WKBN.

The doctors explained that he had counted on the body of an infant about 100 wounds — they were covered with hands, hands, fingers and face of the child. On his head was wound with a length of about 2.5 centimeters, through which it was evident his skull. Doctors gave the child a plastic surgery and stitched the wound.

Then they called the police, which detained a 19-year-old Erica Shriek and 18-year-old Charles Elliot. Shryock explained patrol that put the kid 05:30 am in the cradle beside my bed and two hours later woke up to him screaming.

Looking into the cradle, she saw the bloodied infant. The father gave similar testimony, but added that he had noticed the rat in the cradle tracks. The specialists underline that acquired damage should not be applied in a short time and the attack of the rats continued for a few hours and the parents or weren’t home or they were unconscious.

Both parents knew that living in their house rat, but nothing to do with it not going.