Achilles, Mad Ophelia and two were born in Moscow

Among the unusual names that the inhabitants of Moscow gave born to them in the first quarter of 2017 children were Laurel, Achilles, Mind, and Elizabeth. This was reported on the website of the municipality.

In the city were born two of Ophelia, two Serena and two Juno and two Potap and Thomas. “Among the rare names, along with Elizabeth, Francesca, Paula, Julia and iris, can be seen once popular Zinaida. Exotic children’s names called as foreign families for whom these names are familiar, and the Russians, who want to have their child stand out for their unusual name,” — presents the data of the registry office in Moscow. It is clarified that the names of citizens are increasingly turning to traditional Slavic and Greek options.

At the same time, the ten most popular names have changed over time slightly. The greatest number of boys were named Alexander (764 baby), Michaels (655) and Artemare (630). Leaders in prevalence among female names were Sophia or Sofia (925), Maria (638) and Anna (580).

In the Vladimir region in January, the parents changed the name of the two son with Rasul on Putin, his cousin was named Shoigu.

Born in 2016, in the Urals, the children called Odysseus, the Ermak, Elton, Bagheera, Dordoni, the Lily, the Moon, and Joy. Earlier in Perm in a family of Satanists Menshikovs kids named Lucifer and Waldemar.