The United States announced the conditions for dialogue with DPRK

The United States announced the conditions for dialogue with DPRK

Also, the US Ambassador to the UN urged Russia to decide on the issue of support for North Korea.

Moscow. May 16. INTERFAX.RU — U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley said Tuesday that the United States look forward to the dialogue with the DPRK, however, before Pyongyang should stop nuclear and missile tests.

The United States wants to engage in dialogue, however, is not ready to do it until, until we see a full stop its nuclear program and any tests.Nikki Heliported USA at the UN

She reported on the joint development of an action plan against the DPRK. It involved the US, South Korea, Japan and China.

In addition, Haley urged Russia to decide: “either she supports the DPRK or not.” “Russia should make the same decision that the international community: are you or support North Korea or not. But you have to choose,” he told reporters on Tuesday ahead of private consultations in the UN security Council on DPRK.

When asked to comment on the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that should stop “intimidating” North Korea, Hayley said: “it’s Interesting to hear what they’re saying that we should cease to intimidate North Korea. What if North Korea is bullying us?” “These tests, they (DPRK — RF) is carried out, intimidate the international community as a whole,” said Haley. According to her, “this threat to all of us, the entire international community”. “Everyone should be concerned about,” said the American Ambassador.