The media talked about the service for travelers who love animals

The media talked about the service for travelers who love animals

The world’s media drew attention to the website Trusted Housesitters, which allows travelers to live for free in various places around the world in exchange for caring for local Pets.

A service that has been around for several years, but for some reason still has not gained worldwide fame, allows you to live in the destination, to have a good acquaintance with the locals and socialise with their Pets, writes OMG Facts.

The concept is simple, as all ingenious. Many people have Pets, love to travel, but the smaller brothers act as a sort of anchor: how often to do them at the time of departure is very difficult. The site in question, solves the problem:

you are going to travel, and at this time reliable, proven, tourists from other cities or countries come to you and care about your animals.

Opportunities that accrue to the user of the service look very attractive. You can be free to live in a Villa on the beach in Australia, on a farm in a picturesque corner of France and other wonderful places. The bonus is the communication with dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens or even horses.

However, in order to get all this, you need to earn a reputation as a reliable “sitter”. To do this, however, as reported, is quite simple and will not take much time: it is possible to collect a few good reviews, after sitting with the animals in your hometown.

Over time, you will be assigned a rating, high levels of which will allow you to get to most interesting places (Villa, farm, mansion and so on). However, on the website there is a charge for access to some of the features — but it’s not that high, $9,92 per month (or $ 119 per year). The service was used by residents from different parts of the Earth.

To live in a house with animals can range from several days to one year, and some animal lovers have even abandoned their jobs to travel the world with the help of website, reports The Sun.