The media learned about the Israeli origin of received a Laurel from the trump information

Donald Trump

The information which the US President Donald trump shared with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, was originally obtained by the Israeli agent embedded terrorists. About it reports NBC News, citing three sources.

These information was about the fact that terrorists can carry on a passenger aircraft explosives in laptops. Trump also pointed out the Syrian city, where he obtained this information.

Some lawmakers have warned that this episode could have serious consequences for relations with key partners. According to the Republican Senator from Maine, Susan Collins, the disclosure of secret information can potentially endanger sources and to prevent the allies of the US in the future to share information vital to national security.

In late April, the media reported that trump is considering a ban on travel to the country laptops and other major electronic devices on arriving from Europe aircraft. The reason for such action was not called.

In March it became known that US authorities had banned in carry-on baggage electronic devices larger than cell phones, to passengers from a number of countries.

At meetings on may 10 in Washington was talking about the fact that Russia and the United States together with other major players in the middle East influenced the different parties to the conflict in Syria and encouraged them to implement the UN security Council resolutions that require negotiations, the drafting of a new Constitution, prepare for elections.

May 12, trump suggested that the discussion with Lavrov will ultimately save many people from death.