Scammers cashed in half of payments on OSAGO

Scammers cashed in half of payments on OSAGO

Activity dummy avtoyuristov became a major shady business.

The share of payments on insurance received from insurance companies are crooks, and not really affected in an accident, in 2016 reached half, which is 7 percentage points more than in 2015. And compared to 2011 the number of payments that fell on dummy avtoyuristov increased more than three times. This is stated in the review of the National Agency for financial studies (NAFI). According to experts, should solve the problem the law of natural compensation for CTP.

The study NAFI, citing data from the Russian Union of insurers stated that in 2016 the volume of insurance payments on insurance on the decision of the court amounted to 13,142 billion.

At the same time, the volume of non-insurance payments (collateral damage of the accident, including damages and payments avtoyuristam) amounted to 13,159 billion. Thus, the total insurance and non-insurance payments the share of the latter exceeded 50%, indicated in the NAFI.

Scammers-avtoyuristy rely on the fact that the man had even a minor accident, is in a state of passion.

Attackers use this to get the drivers signature on the necessary documents and become an intermediary in communicating with insurers. However, they propose to assign to them rights or to issue them a power of attorney with the right to receive all payments on an insurance case.

After that, the mediator submits a claim to the court. The process of winning, the crooks receive payments that do not reach the drivers. At the same time, got in an accident pay a fee for receiving insurance payments.

Also avtoyuristy scammers often take drivers notes stating that they have no claims. If involved in an accident will want to return to the court he put the insurance payment, the scammer will be able to present a receipt. Some avtoyuristov Scam are fake power of attorney. As a result, the fraudster takes a Deposit, then delaying court proceedings, forcing the victim to pay for all new spending, but in the end loses the case.

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To solve the problem should help the law of natural compensation insurance, adopted 28 APR.

According to the President of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) and the Russian Union of insurers (VSS) Igor Jurgens, the increase in the share of payments to scams in insurance stems from the fact that the market already are operating not just a fraud-single, and the entire organized criminal groups.

Gradually, this activity became a large shadow business, — said Igor Yurgens. — Difficulties arise with the fact that to prove the guilt of the offender, trying to get a payout fraudulently, is quite difficult. It is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation. In themselves, the insurance companies have formed entire divisions which are engaged in investigation of such cases.

According to him, after the discovery of the fraud the insurance company sends a statement to the police. But the problem is that in the system of law enforcement bodies have no specialists who understand the subject, the so-called insurance detectives. In the result, criminal proceedings were initiated for a small number of statements, and before the court reaches a few.

The press service of Rosgosstrakh noted that the fraudulent “scheme” meant that the cost of an insurance case in some regions of up to 120 thousand rubles.

According to the Deputy Director on retail insurance company “Consent”, because of fraud unprofitability of insurance in some regions up to 300%.

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In the opinion of Igor Yurgens, the courts need to monitor strict compliance with the claim order, to recover the costs of the representative, for examination within reasonable limits, to adjust the size of penalties and interest with costs of suit. According to the expert, Ministry of internal Affairs should create a special team to investigate the facts of insurance fraud, including a single address for individuals and insurance companies the facts of insurance fraud.

— The insured in case of accident, remember that you need to contact your insurer and not to the intermediaries, — said the President of RSA and SCD. This action will further protect the motorist. The law of natural compensation in the CTP was adopted in order to remove a layer of people interested in getting cash.

But, according to experts, the positive impact of the new standards will not happen immediately, but after some time — six months or a year.

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