On Sakhalin have rescued the dying Dolphin on the beach

On Sakhalin have rescued the dying Dolphin on the beach

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, may 16 — RIA Novosti. Lost on the beach a Dolphin was rescued by the staff of the state Inspectorate for small vessels in the city of Nevelsk on Sakhalin, according to the Sakhalin emergency Department.

“In the morning we were approached by a man who told me that at the entrance to the city by the sea lies a Dolphin. The man explained that nearby he saw floating sea lions, it seemed to him that they were aggressive, trying to get closer and loudly roared,” lead rescuers words of chief inspector of the Nevelsky area of the state Inspectorate for small vessels of Ashura dilmukhametova.

Rescuers found the Dolphin, which has become washed out sand. Visible damage and wounds on the body of the animal was not, but Dolphin is so weak that almost no resistance. Two inspectors and a member of the local administration first released the respiratory tract of a Dolphin from the sand pushed away from the coast and washed with water. Since the marine mammal could not move on his own-decided to move to the project area for monitoring and consultations with specialists.

“We found the locals a roomy tub, dialed back the sea water and transported the Dolphin to their territory, where he became slowly come to life”, — the press service quoted dilmukhametova. Rescuers contacted the environmental Fund “Green mushroom” sent them pictures of the animal. Those assured that it is an independent species, the Dolphin itself can produce their own food. “Most likely, the teenager drove to the Bank of the sea lions,” — said the lifeguard.

On the basis of the state Inspectorate for small vessels of the Dolphin neatly tied in a tail fin and dropped into the sea, after a few seconds, he confidently floated. “We are convinced that his life is not in danger, then kungas was taken to depth, and released into the sea,” — said dilmuhametov.

This is not the only case when the Sakhalin rescuers assist sea animals. In April last year, together with environmentalists, rescuers in difficult conditions managed to release from ice captivity three adults and one baby orca.