Medications from a stroke and heart attack will produce in Russia

Medications from a stroke and heart attack will produce in Russia

Russian pharmaceutical forum discussed the support of pharmaceutical companies in projects in Russia.

In the coming months, the release of the most popular drugs for the treatment of stroke and myocardial infarction to be localized in our country. Production in Russia the innovation of thrombolytics and other ways of development of the domestic pharmaceutical market manufacturers of medicines and experts in the field of health discussed opened Tuesday in St. Petersburg, the Russian pharmaceutical forum.

Member of state Duma Committee on health, Alexander Petrov said that the pharmaceutical market remains one of the most corrupt. And many bills aimed at solving this problem. Thus, sooner or later, according to the Deputy, we will come to drug insurance reimbursement of patients ‘ expenses on drugs.

Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Sergey Tsyb noted the growth of the pharmaceutical market in Russia. For example, in 2016 the share of Russian companies that manufacture anti-HIV medications increased from 23 to 28%. The share of domestic drugs against tuberculosis increased from 49 to 74%.

We aim to pharmaceutical companies has created not only finished dosage forms but also could invest in development of our products, — said Sergey Tsyb. Especially, according to the Deputy Minister, the government aims to further support the production of the products of complete cycle in Russia.

The forum discussed various mechanisms to support pharmaceutical companies in projects in Russia. And, according to Sergey Tsyb, the Ministry received seven applications for the conclusion of investment contracts (SPIC).

Some of the most popular on the Russian market — thrombolytic medications. Stroke is the third highest in the world among causes of death. In Russia, according to the health Ministry, in 2015, was hospitalized 583 673 person with stroke. And if several years ago only 8% of stroke survivors had returned to their old life, and the others got disability, but now the proportion of patients with good functional recovery was 60% of all patients discharged from hospitals.

However, our country is still in dire need of trombolitiki because therapy with these drugs can significantly reduce the mortality of patients with stroke and twice with acute myocardial infarction.

The President of a pharmaceutical company “NPO Petrovax farm” Elena Arkhangelskaya said that in June this year in Russia will start production of the first series of thrombolytics “Actilyse” and “Metaliz”.

Is biotech products, and their production is one of the most difficult. Our project is socially significant for the Russians, — said Elena Arkhangelskaya. This year the market will be 30-50 thousand packages a new drug, and later, the amount will cover all patients. In 2019, Russia will earn the full-cycle production of innovative biotechnology of thrombolytics. That is, the international drugs will be localized Russian drugs for a full cycle.

General Director of pharmaceutical company “Boehringer Ingelheim” in Russia, Pavol Dobroski told “Izvestia” that “the Metaliz” is used in “ambulance” and hospitals in heart attacks, “Actilyse” — heart attacks and stroke in hospitals and stroke centers, which in Russia there are 540. The expert added that the innovative thrombolytics are also used to prevent stroke and heart attack.

— Each centre needs to have an innovative thrombolytics in the right quantity. Today, the use of such drugs foreign production costs about 40 thousand roubles for one patient. Specifically on the cost of drugs will affect localization — while to tell difficult, — said Elena Arkhangelskaya. But, of course, the higher she will not.

On the first day of the forum, experts of the pharmaceutical market have come to the conclusion that drug manufacturers in the coming years, priorities will shift from production to the development of innovative medical products. Such drugs can prolong life and improve its quality. Therefore, the main expenditure of companies will be the research work.