Mary Baronova fined for the action “Open Russia” “Tired”


Head of the Moscow branch of the “Open Russia” Maria Baronova is fined on 20 thousand rubles for the organization of the protest action “Tired” on April 29.

Baronova was fined by the court under article 20.2 of the administrative code, punishes the violation by the organizer of the public event procedure for its implementation.

She told our newspaper, the court’s decision will be appealed in a higher court. According to Baronova, at the court session was procedural violations: in particular, they discussed the video, which the court refused to look.

However, she also expressed surprise, why was detained April 29, at the time of the action, if it was recorded some violations.

“Success never in Russia will not be at the appeal, said Baronova, adding that they are ready to reach the ECHR. — If you do not appeal, it means you agree. I don’t agree with it”.

The leader of the Moscow branch stressed that, despite the court’s decision today, “not necessarily” continue to act as the organizer of protest actions in Moscow.

Recall that the former leader of the “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky has previously expressed its belief that action on massive simultaneous submission of applications to the mission President asking him not to go for another term is not contrary to Russian law.

However, the offer is “Tired” still resulted in arrests: in St. Petersburg under them were more than a hundred people, and in Kazan the activist of the “Open Russia” Darya Kulakova was arrested for 10 days.