Japanese Princess Mako will marry classmate and leave the Imperial family

Japanese Princess Mako will marry classmate and leave the Imperial family

TOKYO, may 17. /Offset. TASS Alex Sarachev/. The eldest daughter of Japanese Prince Akishino and the first granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, Princess Mako, and her former classmate Kay Komuro, who is now studying at the graduate of the prestigious Hitotsubashi University with an, getting ready for the engagement. This was announced by the management of the Affairs of the Imperial court.

“We plan to formally announce the engagement at the right time, after they had completed the necessary preparations,” — said at a press conference the head of Department of Sinitiro Yamamoto. He also expressed regret that this information appeared in the media ahead of time, but confirmed that the groom will be Komuro. “We really will be very glad if all went according to plan,” he added.

As expected, the engagement will be officially announced in June, and the wedding will take place in 2018. Then Mako will officially leave the Imperial family and become a common citizen.

Who’s the lucky groom?

25-year-old Kay Komuro and Princess Mako met five years ago, when studied together at the International Christian University. About a year later, as reported by Japanese media, he made her an offer. The father and mother of Mako, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko expressed approval of the plans of his daughter. Also about the upcoming wedding and informed the Royal couple.

Meet Kei Komuro, Mako’Princess’s future husband https://t.co/i3wok7Jzrk pic.twitter.com/u22Qb4hMP9

— The Japan Times (@japantimes) may 17, 2017
Kay Komura (center)

The happy groom, in addition to that he is a decent and dedicated young man, not much is known. Komuro now lives in Yokohama with his mother and grandfather. He receives additional education at Hitotsubashi University with an and works in a law firm in Central Tokyo.

In his student years he worked in a French restaurant and, according to the owner, willing to fulfill any job — from dishwasher to cashier. In 2010 Komuro participated in the event dedicated to the promotion of tourism on the beaches of the Prefecture of Kanagawa, where, by the way, in the town of kamakura is the summer residence of the Emperor.

The Imperial family

Princess Mako is the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino, who is second after the crown Prince, Naruhito in line to the Japanese throne. Have Akishino also has two more children: Princess Kako and Prince Hisahito.

After the International Christian University granddaughter Akihito studied at the University of Leicester in the UK. The Princess always distinguished by love to the fine arts and literature. In particular, in the years of study she has prepared a study on why the majority of paintings dedicated to Japanese mythology, was written in the late 19th century — early 20th century, in the period of the Meiji Restoration. Mako now works as a researcher one of the museums at the University of Tokyo.

Japan’s Princess Mako to marry ocean-loving legal assistant https://t.co/BRTqSJB1bN https://t.co/xlYo0WqCRb #news pic.twitter.com/eun1PMELyU

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Mako will be the first granddaughter of the Emperor Akihito, who will be married. After that, the Imperial family remains 18 members, including six princesses who are not married. Thus the problem of the rapid reduction of the dynasty of monarchs in Japan worsen. It drew the attention of the special Advisory Council, which made recommendations in connection with the desire Akihito to abdicate and pass the throne to his eldest son, the crown Prince, Naruhito.

In 2005, the Imperial family of Japan already had a similar case when the only daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, Princess Sayako, married to a government official by the name of Kuroda. So she stopped being a Princess and as “severance pay” received 150 million yen ($1.3 million).