Democrats-members of Congress called for an investigation against trump

Democrats-members of Congress called for an investigation against trump

Democrats urged to find out whether the US administration in conspiring to obstruct the investigation of contacts of members of the presidential campaign with Russian officials.

WASHINGTON, may 17. /Offset. TASS Anton Cranks/. All 33 Democrat from a Committee of the house of representatives oversight and government reform, and the legal Committee of the lower house voted on Tuesday for the investigation in respect of President Donald trump, the Minister of justice, attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions and officials of the Washington administration of high rank. This is stated in the published letter sent to the chairmen of the Republicans of the two committees.

The Democrats urged them “to immediately begin a joint investigation, are trump and officials of his administration to rank high on the conspiracy to impede” the investigation, which is conducted by the FBI, the DOJ and the U.S. Congress against “members of his (trump’s) presidential campaign and their contacts with Russian officials”. The congressmen are asking the head of these committees to understand the latest scandalous publications of the American press associated with the White house. In their view, “the gravity of what happened in the last week of the event” obligates the committees to begin “a thorough investigation of these issues.” “It is unacceptable to continue to ignore these scandals”, said the congressmen.

The opposition Democratic party and close to it the us media are trying hard to inflate scandal around an alleged Russian interference in the election processes in the United States on the side of trump. And the trump, and Russia strongly reject it. The US President emphasizes that it is necessary to investigate primarily illegal information leaks from the national security agencies.