A first grader from Ugra saved the life of the fallen in the sewer mine friend

In Kondinsky district of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (KHMAO) eight-year-old boy saved a man that fell into the sewer from a height of eight meters. About it reports a press-service of the local Moi.

It is reported that fallen child was hospitalized with multiple injuries. Officers found that two first graders were walking in the yard. They saw the manhole, and then one of the boys jumped on him. Manhole cover broke, and the baby flew down.

The second boy kept his head and called to the aid adults. According to law enforcement officers and doctors, only time to provide care saved the child’s life. In the sewer mine, there was water and over the head of a first grader hung a heavy metal hook that could fall on him at any moment, commenting in a press-service. Police checks on the fact of what happened.

At the end of March for the award MOE “warm heart”, awarded by the children who showed themselves in extreme situations, put forward a four-year-old girl from Tuva to Salgan Salchak, the last eight kilometers through the taiga to help her dying grandmother and blind grandfather. In the morning of Feb Salgan noticed that grandma is not moving. Her blind grandfather couldn’t help and sent her granddaughter to the neighbors. The salgan for four hours in the bitter cold got to herders and called for help.