Washington Post accidentally published the phone number of the Pentagon

James Mattis

The American newspaper the Washington Post accidentally published the mobile number of the head of the Pentagon James Mattis.

This was amended learned after the call, reader Paul Redmond from California. On may 11, the newspaper published an article about Keith Schiller, the bodyguard of the American President Donald trump. In the pictures the material was a picture of Schiller holding a few documents.

According to the reader, to one of the papers was a sticky note where you can see the phone number and the name of Mattis.

The Washington Post correspondent called the number. “I heard the answering machine. It was he [Mattis]”, — wrote the journalist Rachel Manteuffel (Rachel Manteuffel).

“The newspaper has replaced the picture in the article (…) We should be happy that Paul Redmond from California saw this room before, as did the Russian”, — stated in the publication on may 15.