The Ministry of economic development implements KPI


NEWS/Alexander Kazakov

First, the Ministry of economic development of the Russian agencies will apply the corporate approach to management. The plans of the Ministry to change the system of bonuses to its employees, corporate culture, and to introduce a project approach to work. All structural divisions of the Ministry will be set key performance indicators (KPI), said in a “Public Declaration of the goals and objectives of economic development of Russia in 2017”, which acquainted “Izvestia”. Another innovation that will appear in the Ministry of economic development, — electronic authentication of documents, which will significantly simplify the life of all the employees of the Ministry, said the Agency staff.

Popular in world practice of corporate management of design method of working is gaining popularity in the government. First, the White house had established a project office, and “project” work began to implement in the implementation of the state programs (“Izvestia” wrote about it on may 4, 2017), and now the Ministry of economic development launched the mechanism of the transition to the new technology of domestic work.

Changing the system of motivation of employees involves the introduction of a monthly award, said “news” one of employees of the Ministry, who requested anonymity. Now Agency staff receive a monthly salary, quarterly bonuses and annual bonus. The amount of premiums employees determined by the Director of the Department on the basis of the achievements of each particular officer, with clear criteria was never set.

— Each Department is notified, the prize Fund of several million rubles. The Director of the Department is free to dispose of it as they wish. It can be employees that he pays the prize more, and those which it charges a premium less. And it is not controlled, — said the interlocutor of “Izvestia”.

According to Rosstat, last year the average salary in the Ministry of economy amounted to $ 112 thousand. During the year it decreased by 1.1%. For comparison: in the Ministry of Finance officials received an average of 140 thousand rubles, and its revenue for the year increased by 7%, FTS — 118 thousand, the Ministry of industry and trade to 83.6 thousand More just earn officials of the government — 228,5 thousand rubles.

Prize of the Ministry of economy will now be paid “principle of justice” confirmed “the news” another official of the Ministry of economic development. In particular, it is assumed that on a quarterly basis will now be paid the premium for work projects, and the usual fixed prize will be paid each month in addition to salary.

Another source in the financial-economic bloc believes that the introduction of KPIs and other management technologies comes personally from Maxim Oreshkin, who was appointed head of the Ministry of economy last fall. Maxim Oreshkin has extensive experience in the Russian ministries and the Central Bank, and the corporate sector (“VTB Capital”), where such technologies work long and successfully.

For project work, the Ministry created a special Department for project management. Will work in it so-called project managers with appropriate competencies. The portfolio project Department of order 17 key projects, said a source in the Department.

In particular, the increase in the number of small and medium entrepreneurship and promoting economic growth — gave the interviewee two examples of key projects of the Ministry.

Also before the end of the year the Ministry will be the so-called corporate governance code, which will include corporate values. All business units of the Department will establish KPI. They will be linked with the goals and priorities of the Ministry of economic development, said in a “Public Declaration of the goals and objectives of economic development of Russia in 2017”.

Another innovation in economic development — the transition to electronic authentication of documents. As an employee of the Ministry of economic development, electronic authentication of documents want to realize about a year, it is carried out for special training. Now all the documents should be brought in writing, and it’s very uncomfortable, because of economic development three buildings in Moscow and sometimes the performers have to travel to all three buildings to collect signatures from colleagues.

For example, comes in the Ministry of economy document, which has one head of the Executive Department and two companydelhi Department. The Department head prepares a draft response and circulate in the system for approval. Departments-co-endorse it in the system. After the negotiation is finished, the main print sheet by electronic approval and carry a document signed by the Deputy Minister, instead of running around the three buildings and to spend the time to collect a visa, explained the new procedure, a source in the Ministry of economy.

Head of the research laboratory of corporate strategies of Russian Academy of Andrey Glosecki doubt that successful corporations in the world control technology applicable in the civil service.

— KPI implemented where there are specific results. I highly doubt that it is possible to assess the performance of any Department. Well, except that the KPIs can be tied to the rate of passage of documents to be agreed, for example, a week and three days, — believes Andrey Glosecki.

It is unlikely, in his opinion, will be able to incorporate in the civil service and a separate code for corporate culture.

— The civil service is possible to a certain code of conduct. For example, that we can’t accept gifts more expensive than a certain value. But these rules are already there, he said.

Scientific Director of the Centre for corporate governance, HSE Gennady Konstantinov believes that it is theoretically possible to implement the code of corporate culture in the civil service, but it will take about five years.

— The design of such codes is a serious work, it requires extensive discussion and participation of experts. Such things should be designed efficiently, this cannot be done quickly. Write the code to the end of the year is a very ambitious goal. I think that this process may take five years, says Gennady Konstantinov.

The Russian Federal agencies had not yet implemented corporate management technologies. As told “Izvestia” an informed source in the financial market, implementing KPI to achieve the target inflation, the Central Bank, but publicly it is not yet declared.